Courses & Conferences

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Education and Technology

These are the two big areas in which I can apply my knowledge and experience to make your clients, students or employees to reflect and take action.

From tiny TED-like (18m) conferences to semester long courses, from individualized sessions to sessions for more than 1,000 people and from pure face-to-face to blended and pure online interactive sessions, I have developed the ability to build knowledge collectively and in an enjoyable way. Examples of topics I can talk about with proficiency:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.
  • Entrepreneurship in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Islamic World, Sub-Saharan Africa or Emerging Asia.
  • Fundraising for Startups: From scarce resources to innovation.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship: Why and how to grow a company that is not mine?
  • The Myth of the Idea and the Upsidedown Startup.

Education and Technology

  • The Future of Distance Learning.
  • The Startups that will change the future of Education.
  • The Blended Experience: successfully adding Online content to Face-to-face courses.
  • Online Teaching: How to teach from anywhere?
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship Online.
  • Blockchain Entrepreneurship.

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