My New Entrepreneurship Book

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my first book in the field of Entrepreneurship: “The Myth of the Idea and the Upsidedown Startup: How Assumption-based Entrepreneurship has lost ground to Resource-based Entrepreneurship”.

Book Myth Idea (500Kb)

This brief 150 pages book is addressed to graduate students and practitioners around the globe. Resulting from years of work and observations, the book briefly summarizes what we have seen in the last few decades with regards to the creation of innovative new businesses, including Design Thinking, Effectuation and Lean Startup.

Although I started these observations by watching my father as the founder of many companies and by experiencing myself starting different businesses after that, the book was actually born in 2007, when I started my doctoral studies with a field trip to Haiti in search of clearer relationships between access to scarce resources and entrepreneurial innovation.

The book was written from the point of view of a young Brazilian researcher who had the chance to travel throughout more than 50 countries in the last years, while meeting with aspiring, successful and past entrepreneurs. The main point shown in the book rightly refers to the use of social resources such as contacts, experience, expertise and passions as the triggers of new businesses, edging out “The Idea” as the starting point of the entrepreneurial process.

With the support of FGV (Brazil) and IE Business School (Spain) the book will be launched around the world, with events organized initially throughout Europe and the Americas. You can engage with the book content here and also through these channels:

Twitter: @phdnew

Welcome to my new transparent place

For more than 4 years I have been publishing some thoughts and opinions in two blogs. It has been a wonderful experience. Things change and for different reasons these blogs died. The first one, I did with great passion, talking about Brazilian elections for almost 3 years. The other one, about IE Business School was hosted at, talking about career, MBA and entrepreneurship and has died just because Movable Type seriously stopped working (so I created the to substitute it). I also tried to keep a webpage about myself but due to the difficulty in keeping it updated I decided to create this mix of webpage and blog, combining fix information with updated ones, facilitating interaction and transparency.

With the time, as I started to feel I was getting old – I’m 33 today – I became a huge fan of transparency. I think the world will become a much better place when people start to become more transparent with other people and especially with themselves. This space represents my contribution to this way of thinking and due to my conviction that the world must be more integrated to sustain peace and human consciousness, I will try to publish the most I can posts in languages I appreciate with the great help of Google Translate. My native language is Portuguese, but the posts here will be usually written in English, every 15 days, with translations to Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hebrew and/or Hindi trough Google Translate (including its mistakes, sorry for that). I may include translation to other languages depending on the subject.

By clicking on “continue reading” you will get this text in those languages (the reason why I use those languages is because people surfing on the internet from those places will be able to end up here).

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