Who is normal?!?

I keep asking me that as years pass. If your behavior is conditioned to the behavior of others and people are raised in different manners around Brazil or around the world, who can you consider a normal person?!? I met a lot of people in life and many of those people I was absolutely sure they were not normal. Today, watching those moments in retrospective, I realize they might have thought the same thing about me. Strange, isn’t it?

Some weeks ago I was reading a Spanish classic called “Niebla”, written by Miguel de Unamuno about a hundred years ago. The book was recommended by a taxi driver during a quick trip to Madrid last year (to work). It was a Saturday, I wasn’t working during the weekend and therefore I was wearing shorts and did not shave myself. He quickly noticed: “You work in suit, with tie the whole week in an office, don’t you?”. “How do you know that?” I asked surprised. “Because during the years, I noticed that people wearing like you during the weekends are in fact “fighting back” the obligation of being well dressed the whole week.”. Well, after developing this kind of interesting conversation with the taxi driver, he recommended me to read “Niebla” to understand the way of thinking of the Spanish people.

Typical taxi in Madrid in 2009

The reading is really instigating but I don’t recommend for those of you under the 30’s. You have to be over 30 years old to feel identified with the protagonist, who is constantly asking himself these kind of questions: “Am I normal?!? Am I dreaming or awake?!? Is this world around me real or I’m just imagining it?!?”.

And it was during the philosophical trip of the protagonist Augusto Perez that I got lost inside my own mind and felt that I was on drugs just by reading. Amazing! After combining Mr. Perez’s thoughts with the sociological texts I was studying to my PhD dissertation, I just realized that nobody is normal, but some people pretend very well.

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