It all started in 2003, in the south of France. I was in Nice studying French, in complete solitude, in one of those professional breaks that rarely appear in life, when you are moving from one job to another. One day, visiting the wonderful Roman ruins of Nice, I spent hours thinking on “what’s next?”. In this beautiful and inspiring place, I not only decided to start a PhD in the future but also to research about some of the things that amazed me most since I was young: the human ability to build knowledge and the human ability to make things happen and change the reality.

I have been always interested in studying why some people have the ability to lead other people towards a personal or a collective objective. The emergence of entrepreneurs surrounding me in different regions of the planet caught my attention to this very specific type of leader. That was how I ended up reading more and more about the subject and getting enrolled in a top PhD program at FGV EAESP in Sao Paulo, Brazil, back in 2006.

After years approaching this subject from the two-sided perspective of Sociology and Economics, I came up with the specific interest on entrepreneurs acting in emerging economies, where market-oriented practices have arrived relatively recently and obstacles to start new ventures varied in type and importance from those found in more developed and “Anglo-Saxonized” regions.

Therefore, the topics I like to study, research and debate about are the following:
– Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and Underdeveloped Economies;
– Incentives and Obstacles to Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
– Entrepreneurial Informality, Bureaucracy (Red Tape) and Corruption;
– Resource-based Entrepreneurship and Effectuation;
– Frugal Innovation and Jugaad Innovation;
– Open Innovation and Innovation Networks;
– Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA);
– Patent Mining, R&D Management and Innovation Management;
– Design Thinking, Customer Development and Lean Startup;
– Business Model and Business Plan;
– Entrepreneurial Capital and Startup Valuation;
– Small business Acceleration and Incubation;
– Venture Capital and Corporate Venture;
– Angel Investment and Seed Capital;
– Search Funds and Private Equity;
– Crowdfunding, Equity crowdfunding and ICO/STO;

If you are also interested in one or more of those issues, please, let me know and let’s make something amazing about it!

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